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For safe navigation it is important to know your surroundings. We as a certified PRIMAR can supply you with the latest ECDIS charts fast and easy.



PRIMAR is an international collaboration dedicated to providing a consistent and reliable electronic navigational chart (ENC) service, and operated on a non-profit basis by the Norwegian Hydrographic Service (NHS) in close cooperation with Electronic Chart Centre AS (ECC).

Our core aim is to support authorised partners with flexible, user-friendly, efficient and timely solutions. This ensures that end users are provided with an ENC service which is recognised for its quality and for its overall contribution to marine safety and efficiency at a global level.

In pursuing this vision, we focus on giving our partners freedom to choose between a variety of services and solutions. The primary aim is to make data available to everyone at a reasonable cost in order to enable value creation and safety at sea.

Although the technology is advanced, the idea underlying our service is simple. We gather all ENCs in a single database and create a one-stop-shop for distributors and users of such charts. This has allowed us to acquire a leading role in providing the best navigational solutions for the world's merchant fleet, navies, marine pilots and government agencies. Get in touch for more information about us or read our brochure below.

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