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MarineCom offers a comprehensive range of marine systems and products designed to ensure safe navigation and communication. Our strategy allows us to identify our customers’ needs, to meet their specific goals and to assist them in making informed decisions on the products they require.

We cooperate with the world’s leading suppliers. We work with reliable dealers of navigational/communication products and systems  - offering our customers solutions tailored to their needs and objectives. We provide a quality service, competitive edge and a return on our customers' investment.


Our main business is provision of  professional marine electronics for high-sea and river vessels. Based to our experience in international trading and distribution - with  a successful history of serving the marine sector - we have attained a sizable reference-list of New Building Projects.


MarineCom was established in 2016, right after recognizing  the demand that existed in the marketplace for a new systems integrator, a supplier of navigation and communication systems as well as a developer of tailor-made automation systems for the market. With its commitment to offer the highest-quality products and the most efficient service, MarineCom always searches for the best and safest solutions to meet its customers’ and partners’ needs.


MarineCom always supports its partners and customers with its expert team and professional working principles through the entire life-cycle of purchased systems and equipment - starting from the  determination of the project outline and the specification of systems through the realization of the project and delivery of the systems. In a short period, MarineCom has gained the trust of its partners and customers with the effort the company puts into serving the industry with the best and safest products, its support services, its problem-solving capabilities and its accomplishments in all of the above.



MarineCom Oy

Niittyvillankuja 3, 01510 Vantaa, Finland

P.O. Box 42, 00811 Helsinki, Finland

+358 40 747 3757

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